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Yaye Ochre Bath Crystals

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300g Ochre Bath Crystals - Sweet Emu Bush Yaye’s exquisite Bath Crystal formula is sure to become a favourite. With the finest quality ingredients and a delicious long-lasting scent, Ochre's Bath Crystals will not aggravate or dry out your skin. Emu Bush (Utnerrenge) offers ancient healing benefits to the body and skin with the added ability to fight the signs of aging. In addition, vanilla, which is renowned as a calming substance, evokes feelings of warmth and happiness. Vanilla and Sweet Emu Bush combine to create a Bath Crystal that will relax your body, calm your mind and result in a quality restful sleep. To Apply: Scatter 2-4 scoops of bath crystals in warm running water to dissolve. Follow with Ochre Body Butter for best results. Ingredients: Magnesium Sulfate, Sodium chloride, Tapioca Starch, Utnerrenge Extract- Eremophila Longifolia (Emu Bush) and Fragrance.