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Surfing Sloth Tea Towel Gone Surfing

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This is a teatowel for the beach soul. For lazy chef who just needs a break after cooking that 7 piece meal. For sun loving adventurer mum who says: "I am done! I need a vacation!", takes her sunglasses and runs to the sea. Go girl! Use as a little tablecloth or just as regular teatowel. Linen if perfect for making the wine glasses shine. Or just frame it and hang it in the kitchen, leave the dishes and run for the beach. ▲ Natural linen teatowel. ▲ Very dark navy blue ink. ▲ Screenprinted in Melbourne. ▲ Approx. 50x70cm (19x27 inches). ▲ Printed by hand so every teatowel is a bit unique. ▲ Hanger is not included. ▲ Recommendation from printers: a cold wash on gentle cycle.