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Pili Pala Frankie the Superb Fairy Wren set of 3

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Frankie and family; a Tasmanian Superb Fairy Wren.

These adorable birds are created using one of Helen's watercolour paintings, Tasmanian oak, Tasmanian blackwood and black acrylic. They will happily freestand on a table but equally love to be displayed on the wall by using velcro wall stickers.

They come beautifully packaged in a calico bag and are protected well for flight/shipping.

Dimensions ~ Small bird: 8cm high x 11cm wide. Medium bird: 10.5cm high x 15cm wide. Large bird: 13.5cm high x 18.5cm wide. All birds are 1.5cm thick. The back of the birds is painted black.
Handmade in Tasmania.