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Michael Leunig Fine Art Print - Escapade at Night

Michael Leunig Fine Art Print - Escapade at Night

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This is a  limited edition fine art engraving print by Michael Leunig. Not to be confused with inkjet (Giclée) reproductions, fine art prints are produced according to an artistic tradition and by a method dating back many centuries.

An image is etched or engraved onto a copper, zinc or steel plate, it is inked and pressed onto fine art paper (300gsm Somerset rag) using a hand-operated printing press. The edges of each sheet are not cut, but carefully torn, as is the tradition, to create a beautiful, slightly ragged and natural appearance.

This work is numbered, titled and signed by the artist and is limited to the edition of 90. This print is edition number 46/90.

Image Size: 225 x 277 mm (H x W) Paper Size: 450 x 380 mm (H x W)

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