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Jubly-Umph Originals Lapel Pin - Shelf Love

Jubly-Umph Originals Lapel Pin - Shelf Love

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Are all your books meticulously arranged to perfection?

Your shelves are a stunning blend of quirky knick-knacks, colour-coordinated spines that would outshine a rainbow, and a few carefully placed plants for that extra touch of zen. It's not just your proudest accomplishment—it's a work of art.

It's not just the books you cherish; it's the joy of a perfectly organized bookshelf that truly brings you happiness.

This colourful, gold-backed, hard enamel lapel pin comes beautifully presented on a Jubly-Umph backing card. It is one of a limited edition.

  • Limited edition
  • Hard enamel
  • 30mm Height x 35mm Width
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