Michael Leunig Safe Journey CP


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A ‘CP’ or ‘colour proof’ is a print not included in the edition because of a slight colour variation. Offered for sale are only eight CPs which are slightly lighter than the sold out edition. Fine art engraving print by Michael Leunig. Not to be confused with inkjet (Giclée) reproductions, fine art prints are produced according to an artistic tradition and by a method dating back many centuries. An image is etched or engraved onto a copper, zinc or steel plate, it is inked and pressed onto fine art paper (300gsm Somerset rag) using a hand-operated printing press. The edges of each sheet are not cut, but carefully torn, as is the tradition, to create a beautiful, slightly ragged and natural appearance. This work is signed by Michael.

Image Size: 220 x 200 mm (H x W)

Paper Size: 460 x 380 mm (H x W)