Better World Arts Medium Tote Bag Artist Rama Sampson


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Rama’s painting illustrates the Mingkiri Tjukurpa – Marsupial Mouse Dreaming. In this painting there are many mouseholes. When Rama talks about the Wanampi Dreaming, he says there are stories that are all together – tjungu. The Mingkiri people cry when Wanampi (rainbow serpent) kills the man. The other people in these stories include, kuniya (python) and liru (snakes). The mingkiri are digging and burrowing with their mulya (noses) and blocking their holes up.
Canvas Tote – screen printed bags embellished with traditional Kashmiri embroidery.
Material: Cotton with Wool embroidery
Size: 34 x 36cm
Handle Length: 106cm

Pocket with zipper on the outside