Better World Arts Medium Tote Bag Artist Damien and Nyinkalya Marks


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Medium Canvas Tote – screen printed bags embellished with traditional Kashmiri embroidery.
Material: Cotton with Wool embroidery
Size: 34 x 36cm
Handle Length: 106cm
This is a teaching painting, describing a dry season in Damien’s homeland, Mount Liebig, in the Northern Territory. It illustrates aspects of landscape and culture that was told to Damien by his great-grandparents. Women sit with children collecting bush potatoes (the red shapes at the top of the painting) and are preparing for inma (ceremony). One man, wati, sits down with his waru (spear). Controlled burnings are taking place as the spinifex is dry, and this means good fruits can grow. The small star-like symbols represent women’s body paint that the women paint on each other for inma. A dry creekbed runs through the painting (in red and white), and there are cracks in the claypans, dried rockholes (tjukula), and sandhills (tali).