Able and Game Tea Towel I Touched a Cat and I Liked It


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This tea towel is based on the Able and Game “I touched a cat and I liked it” card and features six different cats you might be lucky enough to meet while walking down the street.

You can use your tea towel to do the dishes, or if you want to fancy it up you could frame it, or stretch it.

We find after a few washes and uses it starts to soften up, but the first time you wash it it will shrink a little and feel a bit denser.

Care instructions:
We recommend washing your tea towel in a cold cycle on your machine with other similar coloured items and pop on the line to dry. It will go a little wrinkly after the wash so just gently pull it back into shape before hanging up to dry. Iron on the reverse side of the print with a warm iron. Don’t tumble dry or dry clean. The tea towel will shrink a little when you wash them for the first time, but it shouldn’t affect the print.