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Beads by Design Echidna Earrings Turquoise Beads

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Exclusive and original jewellery handmade by Cheryl Paynter in Port Willunga, South Australia. Sterling silver with turquoise coloured beads. Size: 7cm A message from Cheryl Paynter: “All of the echidna quills I use are the result of road kill. Some I find myself, and others are passed on to me. Preparation of the quills requires careful cleaning, starting with leaving in a bucket of salt for a few days to remove any fleas and other little bugs. After many rinses, I then wash them in warm soapy water mixed with disinfectant, then leave them in the sun to dry. To prepare them for earrings the ends are clipped to size & filed down smoothly, and matched into pairs. Lastly I brush the quills with a special glaze to enhance their colour & shine.”